Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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You can also view this list, sorted by the destination

info     go/zambo-scholarship

info     go/zoomstaffmeeting

info     go/zen - Link to a Google Site with resources for a workshop on presenting with multimedia.

info     go/zoomtgomez - Tgomez Zoom Room

info     go/zocalo - Link to student interface for Zocalo.

info     go/zoomtohelp - zoom to middlebury's helpdesk zoom room.

info     go/zoom

info     go/ZoomtoHR - HR Zoom Room

info     go/zoom2helpdesk - Helpdesk zoom for MIIS

info     go/ZoomtoHumanResources - HR Zoom Room

info     go/zoom2hr - HR Zoom Room

info     go/ZoomtooHR - HR Zoom Room

info     go/Zoom2HumanResources - HR Zoom Room

info     go/ZoomtooHumanResources - HR Zoom Room

info     go/zoomhelp - zoomhelp page for miis

info     go/ZoomtwoHR - HR Zoom Room

info     go/zoomroom - Link to Zoom classroom for Online ESL program

info     go/ZoomtwoHumanResources - HR Zoom Room

info     go/zoomstaffmeeting