Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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info     go/L10N

info     go/librarycatalog - Library Catalog

info     go/landlords

info     go/libraryhours - Library Hours

info     go/langholz - PSS Practicum Zoom Link

info     go/librarypurchase

info     go/language - Language programs at MIIS

info     go/librarypurchaserequest

info     go/languageandskillstest

info     go/librarysearch - LibrarySearch

info     go/languagediagnostic

info     go/libraryupdates

info     go/languageedcareers

info     go/libsearch - LibrarySearch

info     go/LanguageEducation

info     go/lifeafterlibarts

info     go/languagefaq - FAQs on language study in our degree programs

info     go/LifeAfterLiberalArts

info     go/languageflagship - Language Flagship scholarship

info     go/lifeafterpeacecorps

info     go/languagemag

info     go/lifeinstone - Life in Stone event with sculptor 9/26/19

info     go/languageplacement

info     go/LIL - Middlebury's LinkedIn Learning login site - 24/7 online video-based learning for Middlebury and MIIS

info     go/languageplan - New language plan webform

info     go/LILinfo - LinkedIn Learning info -- 24/7 online, video-based training for Middlebury and MIIS faculty, staff, and students (formerly lynda)

info     go/languagepoll - Poll about language component at MIIS

info     go/lingsilp

info     go/languages

info     go/linkedin - Middlebury Institute LinkedIn profile

info     go/languagesfaq - FAQs on language study in our degree programs

info     go/linkedinalumni - Middlebury Institute LinkedIn page (education site)

info     go/languageskillstest

info     go/linqtodemo

info     go/languagesNAFSA - NAFSA 2016 Int'l Educators Ad

info     go/LisaDavis94

info     go/languageteaching - TESOL landing page

info     go/lishiide - Discussion 3 of 3: "The Detonation Detectives: Using Technology to Investigate Nuclear and Missile Programs Worldwide," with Jessica Varnum, Deputy Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and Adjunct Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

info     go/languageteachingwelcome

info     go/livestream - MIIS Radio Livestream link for November 14, 2012

info     go/languagetesting - Information on the Middlebury Institute's language testing policy.

info     go/llsns

info     go/laundry

info     go/lmspecialization

info     go/lbappt - Go Link for Lily Busher Enrollment Advisor Appointments

info     go/LNY2024 - Lunar New Year Celebration at MIIS, Friday, February 9, 2024, 5-7pm, Samson Center.

info     go/leadership

info     go/LoanInstructions

info     go/leads

info     go/loans

info     go/leap

info     go/localization

info     go/learnimovie - Imovie Workshop post

info     go/localizationpm

info     go/learningcircle

info     go/localizationprojectmanagement

info     go/learninginlanguage

info     go/localize

info     go/legacy - Scholarship to MIIS for alumni of any Middlebury school degree program and their extended family

info     go/localresources

info     go/legacyscholarship - Scholarship to MIIS for alumni of any Middlebury school degree program and their extended family

info     go/location - Listing of commonly used banner accounts and location codes for Check Requests

info     go/leovanlier

info     go/lodging

info     go/lessonplanning - Link to online Lesson Planning & Materials Development site.

info     go/login - Employer Login Instructions for Zocalo accounts

info     go/letter

info     go/logistics

info     go/lexico

info     go/logo

info     go/lexisnexis - Nexis Uni

info     go/logos

info     go/lfaphoenix

info     go/longbeach - CSU Longbeach Coffee Chat

info     go/LFwaiver

info     go/longtail

info     go/liability - liability releases for club events

info     go/lowtech

info     go/liabilityrelease

info     go/lpa - LPA Specialization

info     go/liaisons - Department Liaison List

info     go/lpm

info     go/lib - library homepage

info     go/lpmonline

info     go/libcat - Library Catalog

info     go/lppinfo

info     go/libdatabases - Library Databases by Title

info     go/lppleads

info     go/libhours - Library Hours

info     go/LRappt - link for enrollment appointment with Lizzie Roberts

info     go/libill - Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

info     go/lst

info     go/libjournals - Publication Finder (Journals) landing page

info     go/lstinfo

info     go/libpurchase

info     go/lukens

info     go/libpurchaserequest

info     go/lynda-adobeconnect

info     go/library

info     go/lyris - Launches the Lyris List Manager interface.

info     go/librarycatalog - Library Catalog