Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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info     go/iareports - Links to the MIIS Advancement Services data/report request form.

info     go/infomilitary

info     go/ibp - International Business Plan

info     go/informado

info     go/ic - Independent Contractor Information and forms

info     go/InformationRequestForm - Middlebury Institute Information Request Form - from FER

info     go/icappsalonjane - Salon Jane is an artist collective made up of six women photographers- Martha Casanave, Susan Hyde Greene, Jane Olin, Anna Rheim, Robin V. Robinson, and Robin Ward- who all work outside the traditional sense of straight photography; experimenting and expanding their creativity with the support and honest feedback of the rest of the group.

info     go/infosec - Middlebury Information Security Website

info     go/icc

info     go/infosec-education

info     go/icccert

info     go/infoseced

info     go/icccertficate

info     go/infoseceducation

info     go/iccspec

info     go/innovateables - Website for the 2011 Innovation Process

info     go/iccspecialization

info     go/inremembrance-edgardcoly - Folder to submit photos, videos, tributes to the late Edgard Coly.

info     go/ideageneration

info     go/inremembrance-janblack - Google drive folder for tributes to Jan Black (photos, videos, etc)

info     go/identitymanual - identitymanual for miis

info     go/insideout

info     go/idsp-pitch - Intercultural DS Project Quick Pitch

info     go/instagram

info     go/idsp15

info     go/instamiis - MIIS Instagram Takeover application form

info     go/idsp15brownbag

info     go/institutecouncil - Institute Council shared folder

info     go/idsp15showcasepix

info     go/insurance - Student Health Insurance

info     go/idsp16info

info     go/insurancewaiver - Student Health Insurance Waiver form

info     go/idspkit

info     go/intellectualpropertypolicy

info     go/iedvolunteers - Sign up to volunteer for International Education Day 2010!

info     go/IntensiveLanguageInfoRequest

info     go/iem

info     go/intentform - adding a certificate and specializations webform to indicate intent to pursue

info     go/iemalumni - IEM Alumni Profiles

info     go/interaction

info     go/iemcurriculum - IEM Curriculum webpage

info     go/interlibraryloan - Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

info     go/IEMelectives

info     go/international - International Student Services webpage

info     go/iemhangout

info     go/international-education - corrected IEM program URL

info     go/iemmpa

info     go/international-finaid - Financing Your Education for International Students

info     go/IEMMPAoverview

info     go/international_education - Be the Solution page International Education

info     go/iemonline

info     go/internationalfinaid - Financing Your Education for International Students

info     go/IEMoverview

info     go/internationalfinancialaid - Financing Your Education for International Students

info     go/iempracticum

info     go/InternationalManagement

info     go/iemrecording

info     go/InternationalPolicy

info     go/iemsite

info     go/internationalstudents - Student Services page for international students

info     go/iemspecialization - IEM Specialization

info     go/interpret - Interpret America Conference June 2013

info     go/iemsym

info     go/interpretation - Conference Intepretation landing page

info     go/iemsym17 - IEM Symposium November 2017

info     go/Intertwingularity

info     go/iemsym18

info     go/interview

info     go/iemsym20 - IEM Spring 2020 Symposium Zoom Link

info     go/IntlAffairs

info     go/iemsymeval

info     go/IntlDevelopment

info     go/IEMsymp2017 - Link to access the online IEM Symposium through Zoom

info     go/intled

info     go/iemsymp3 - IEM Symposium Room

info     go/intledwebinar

info     go/iemsymp4

info     go/intlfinaid - Financing Your Education for International Students

info     go/iemsymp5

info     go/IntlFinAidHangout

info     go/iemsymposium

info     go/IntlRelations

info     go/iemsymsp15

info     go/intlscholarships

info     go/iemvideo

info     go/IntlSecurity

info     go/iemvideos

info     go/intnlfinaid - Financing Your Education for International Students

info     go/IEMzoom - IEM Community Zoom Room (Grace is meeting owner, IEM faculty are all hosts)

info     go/introdt

info     go/iep - shortcut to MA IEP page.

info     go/ionp - International Organizations and Nonproliferation Program, semester long program for students through CNS

info     go/iepcareers - Career pages for IEP

info     go/ipd

info     go/iepinternships - IEP Internships page

info     go/ipd-practicum

info     go/iepmba

info     go/ipdited

info     go/IEPoverview

info     go/ipdmpa

info     go/iepth - Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://middlebury.zoom.us/j/8188464251?pwd=KytadzRER0wvTFYxbWNxdmtiN20xZz09 Password: 374890

info     go/IPDoverview

info     go/iepvideo

info     go/ipdraft

info     go/iie - IEM ad print (Problem/Solution) for IIE Networker FA 14

info     go/ipdspecialization

info     go/iierefer

info     go/ipl - Immersive Learning Link

info     go/iiereferral

info     go/IPL21

info     go/ilc

info     go/ipl22

info     go/ilce

info     go/ippolicy

info     go/ilce2

info     go/ips - International Policy Studies program at MIIS

info     go/ildtalents2014

info     go/IPSAdvisingWebinar

info     go/ildtaletns2014

info     go/ipss - International Professional Service Semester

info     go/ilearn - iLearn: The new location of Moodle

info     go/ipss2018 - IPSS 2018 Course Site

info     go/ILF - Immersive Learning Link

info     go/ipss2020

info     go/ILG - Institute Leadership Group shared folder

info     go/ipss21 - IPSS 2021 Presentations

info     go/ILGsurvey - ILG Survey January 2024 (can delete go/link after Feb 1, 2024)

info     go/ipss22

info     go/ill - Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

info     go/ipss23

info     go/illiad

info     go/ipwg

info     go/immersive - Immersive Learning pages

info     go/iran

info     go/immersivefunding

info     go/iran-deal

info     go/immersivelearning

info     go/iran-deal-podcast

info     go/immersivelearningvideo - Application form for sharing immersive learning video

info     go/irandeal

info     go/immersivemanual

info     go/irandealpodcast

info     go/immersivewebinar

info     go/irarollover

info     go/imodsclient - (jma) iMod's Client Community-Alumni Online Community

info     go/isc

info     go/imodsclientcomm - (jma) iMod's Client Community-Alumni Online Community

info     go/ispo

info     go/imodsclientcommunity - (jma) iMod's Client Community-Alumni Online Community

info     go/isss

info     go/impactfinance101 - FMS Finance Fundamentals Course

info     go/it - ITS page on www.miis.edu

info     go/inb - Internet Native Banner

info     go/italy - Education Travel at Middlebury. An Exploration: Italian Wine, Language, and Culture in Tuscany

info     go/inb?prod - INB Production

info     go/ited

info     go/incoming-student

info     go/ITEDoverview

info     go/independentcontractor - Independent Contractor Information and forms

info     go/itedvideo

info     go/independentpracticum - DPP Independent Practicum Locations

info     go/its - ITS page on www.miis.edu

info     go/info - MIIS info request for prospective students

info     go/itsbreak - ITS Holiday Break Information

info     go/infographics

info     go/itunesU - Middlebury Institute's iTunes U portal

info     go/infomilitary

info     go/iubp - Summer International Undergraduate Business Program