Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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info     go/SaaS - Vendor Survey

info     go/sna1 - Network Analysis class website

info     go/safe - SafeColleges MIIS shorter go link

info     go/Snyder - Virtual Meet and Greet with Stephen Snyder for students. Wednesday, February 23, 2024, 5:30pm-6:30pm

info     go/SafeCompute-CBT

info     go/social

info     go/SafeComputeCBT

info     go/socialchange - Be the Solution Social Change

info     go/SafeComputeED

info     go/SocialJusticeAccountability - Social Justice Content Accountability Group: This group is for life-long learners, scholars, and practitioners who are seeking to be held accountable to engage intentionally with social justice content and to develop the ability to speak about related concepts with others.

info     go/sagejournals - Sage Premier Journals

info     go/SocialMedia

info     go/sal

info     go/software

info     go/salestax - Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

info     go/software4me - software4me 4 miis

info     go/salud

info     go/solution - Be the Solution landing page

info     go/salud2

info     go/SonyHack

info     go/Samsondining - Samson Dining Hall

info     go/sp17admit

info     go/sanantonioevent

info     go/SP18NSO

info     go/sandiego - San Diego Coffee Chats Oct 15

info     go/sp19wellness

info     go/sanfrancisco

info     go/sp21decision

info     go/sanjoseevent

info     go/SP21liability

info     go/sarah - Grace's negotiation practice - Sarah

info     go/sp21mixxedfit

info     go/sat - MIIS SAT Anonymous Message Form

info     go/sp21wellness

info     go/SAT-Bowl - Staff Advisory Bowling

info     go/sp21yoga

info     go/SATapp - Staff Advisory Team application

info     go/sp22eis - Spring 2022 MIIS Employer Information Sessions

info     go/SATapplication - Staff Advisory Team application

info     go/sp23eis - Spring 2023 Employer Information Sessions

info     go/satdrive

info     go/sp23wellness

info     go/satsurvey

info     go/sp24eis - Spring 2024 Employer Information Sessions recorded by CACS

info     go/sc

info     go/spamq

info     go/sccanvas

info     go/spanish - Spanish Learning Resources

info     go/scelection

info     go/spatial

info     go/scevent

info     go/speaker - Commencement Speaker Ballot

info     go/schedule - Career Focus Day - October 4, 2013 - Schedule of Events

info     go/speakerseries - GSTILE Speaker Series Form

info     go/schedulesp15 - BUILD class schedule for Spring 2015

info     go/speaktostudents

info     go/schedulewithmax

info     go/specializations - A link to the Specializations and Certificates page on the main website

info     go/scholarnet - Go link to Scholarnet/Great Lakes student loan site. JMA

info     go/sponsorship - Form to initiate event sponsorship requests

info     go/scholarship

info     go/spotlight - MIIS spotlight page

info     go/scholarshipapp

info     go/spp

info     go/scholarships

info     go/spp2020

info     go/scholarships101

info     go/springdecision - Decision survey GO link

info     go/schoolsabroad - Link to the Middlebury Schools Abroad page on our website

info     go/springseries - This is for the Spring Speaker Series

info     go/schultze

info     go/springsuccess

info     go/sci - Shortcut to Professional Certificate in Spanish Community Interpreting (SCI)

info     go/springsurvey - Student council health and wellness committee survey for students Spring '22

info     go/sciapply

info     go/springwebinar - 2016 Spring webinars

info     go/scicertificateinfo

info     go/springwebinars - 2016 Spring webinars

info     go/scicertinfo

info     go/springwellness - Spring 2022 wellness calendar

info     go/scidiscussion

info     go/sptravel

info     go/scidiscussion20

info     go/SQLappt

info     go/scigc - Spanish Community Interpreting Graduate Certificate

info     go/ssb

info     go/sciinfo

info     go/ssbsso

info     go/scorse-environment-economics-long

info     go/SSGA

info     go/scorse-environment-economics-short

info     go/SSGAHB

info     go/screeningresponses - Wordpress Site for creative response projects African Cinema Fall 2021

info     go/SSonline

info     go/screquest

info     go/staffcouncil - Middlebury Staff Council information

info     go/sdguide - Service Desk Guide

info     go/staffmeetup - Monthly Staff Meetup

info     go/sdll

info     go/staffparty2018

info     go/sdwzoom - Scott Webb, MIIS CACS Advisor's Zoom Room

info     go/start - Start a Student club

info     go/se

info     go/startups

info     go/seaotters

info     go/state - Explanations for State Income Tax Returns

info     go/search - Search Middlebury Web Sites

info     go/StateoftheInstitute2022 - MIIS State of the Institute 2022 with VP Jeff Dayton-Johnson

info     go/seasonsgreetingsMIIS

info     go/statetax - Explanations for State Income Tax Returns

info     go/secretlink

info     go/stopwmd - NPTS program page

info     go/SecSurvey - Vendor Survey

info     go/store

info     go/secureoceans - Shortcut to event page.

info     go/stories

info     go/security - Campus Security at MIIS

info     go/storiesyouMIISed - Photoducumentary about stories not often told

info     go/securitysurvey - Vendor Survey

info     go/storyofclimate

info     go/seemonterey - Travel itinerary via See Monterey

info     go/stream - Middlebury landing page for livestreaming events

info     go/SEF - student emergency funding application

info     go/strengths - Links to Gallup's StrengthsQuest reference card

info     go/selfcompassion - 7-day Self-Compassion Toolbox with Katie Dutcher

info     go/stressmanagement

info     go/selfdiagnostic - Degree program self diagnostic language test

info     go/stressweek

info     go/senate - MIIS Faculty Senate

info     go/strf

info     go/senateinbox - MIIS Faculty Senate Comment Box

info     go/stuco - Student Council quick link

info     go/sendnukes

info     go/stucocanvas

info     go/Sensitivedata

info     go/stucoelection

info     go/serena

info     go/stucohalloween - short cut to the stuco halloween ticket sales google form.

info     go/service

info     go/stucosite

info     go/servicecatalog - to make go/servicecatalog work at miis

info     go/stucozoom - MIIS Student Counsel Zoom Link (includes password embedded)

info     go/servicesemester

info     go/student - Student Life webpage

info     go/setup - Setting Up Your College-Owned Computer

info     go/studentaccounts

info     go/SFAlumniPanel

info     go/studentambassador - Student ambassador program from MIIS Recruiting

info     go/sfemployers

info     go/studentambassadors - Student ambassador program from MIIS Recruiting

info     go/SFevent - SF Alumni Panel 2.2.17

info     go/studentconnect - Choose the date and time you would like a current MIIS student to call you!

info     go/SFfair - iModules landing page for SF CF registration

info     go/studentcouncil

info     go/SFproblems

info     go/studentcouncilelections

info     go/sfspolicies - Go link to Student Financial Services Financial Aid Policies

info     go/studentemergencyfund - student emergency funding application

info     go/sfstudents

info     go/studenteventrequest

info     go/sfswiretransfer - JMA- Student Accounts International Wire Transfers

info     go/studentid

info     go/sfswiretransfers - JMA- Student Accounts International Wire Transfers

info     go/studentimpact - FY17Alumni donors fall appeal MIIS102416AFA letter

info     go/shandong - Shandong University partnership

info     go/studentlife - Student Life landing page

info     go/shankerworkshop - "Wide-Angle to Zoom: Turning a Thesis or Dissertation into a Publishable Op-Ed," writing workshop with former New YT Editor Thom Shanker. Location: MIIS campus, McGowan Building, MG 102, 411 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA. Limited seating. Limited to students, faculty, and staff.

info     go/studentpayment

info     go/shortprograms - Short programs offered through the Middlebury Institute including IPSS, DPMI, DPMI Plus, GTD, FMS, and Executive Education programs.

info     go/studentpcard

info     go/showcase - MIIS Faculty Showcase

info     go/studentpolicies - Student Life Policies

info     go/signin

info     go/studentreimbursement

info     go/signs

info     go/StudentServicesMIIS

info     go/signup - Sign up for constant contact emails.

info     go/studentservicesonline

info     go/silp2020

info     go/studentsuccess

info     go/silpapp

info     go/studentsuccessseries

info     go/silpapplication

info     go/study-away

info     go/silpapply - SILP application page

info     go/studyaway

info     go/silparabic

info     go/styleguide - Editorial style guide

info     go/silparabicbrochure

info     go/suggest - Student Council Suggestion e.Box

info     go/silpchinese

info     go/suggestionbox - Devin's suggestion box!

info     go/SILPdeclinesurvey

info     go/sum - MIIS Summer Programs

info     go/silpevents - SILP summer language events

info     go/summer

info     go/SILPFrench

info     go/summerarabic

info     go/silpfrenchbrochure

info     go/summerchinese

info     go/silphandbook

info     go/summerevents

info     go/silpinfo

info     go/summerfrench

info     go/silpinformation

info     go/summerjapanese

info     go/silporientation

info     go/summerrussian

info     go/silprefer

info     go/summerscholarship

info     go/silpreferral

info     go/summersurvey

info     go/silprussian - Russian SILP

info     go/summertechguide - Technology Guide for Summer Programs

info     go/silpscholarships

info     go/sumtechguide - Technology Guide for Summer Programs

info     go/silpspanish

info     go/supervisor - HR Resources for supervisors

info     go/SILPstudenthandbook

info     go/supervisors - Information for managers & supervisors

info     go/silpstudentorientation

info     go/supplierpayment

info     go/silpteam

info     go/SupportH2Nica

info     go/silptuition

info     go/supportingstudents

info     go/SILPvideo - SILP License to Film Summer Video Challenge

info     go/surveys - Home page for KeySurvey online surveying tool.

info     go/simon

info     go/sustainability - Shortcut to the Environmental Policy Sustainability Speaker Series page.

info     go/site-support

info     go/sustainability-speakers-series - iTunes U shortcut - Sustainability Speakers Series

info     go/sitehelp

info     go/sustainablecampus

info     go/sitesdot1

info     go/SustainableDevelopment

info     go/sitesdot2

info     go/SWadvising

info     go/sitesupport

info     go/sweetgrass - Book Clubs 4 Change: Braiding Sweetgrass

info     go/skillstestmadrid

info     go/SWreadytolearn - Scott Webb's Ready to Learn Document for Orientation Career Launch 1 group exercise.

info     go/sla

info     go/swzoom - Scott's other Zoom link, without my middle initial

info     go/slayerdirt

info     go/syllabi - links to the page that says where to go to find syllabi for the 2 Institute schools

info     go/smellofmoney

info     go/sylvia

info     go/SMsurvey

info     go/symposium2017 - IEM Symposium

info     go/sna1 - Network Analysis class website

info     go/symsurvey