Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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info     go/p-card - Purchasing Card Information

info     go/pg

info     go/p2pemanager - Go link to Bluefin's P2PE Manager

info     go/phillyfeb6

info     go/pa-help

info     go/phish - Phishing information

info     go/pad

info     go/PHISH-CBT

info     go/padlet

info     go/PHISHCBT

info     go/panopto

info     go/PHISHED

info     go/paperapp - Middlebury Institute Admissions - Apply

info     go/phishing - Phishing information

info     go/papercut - print online from papercut

info     go/phoenix

info     go/papercutprints - How to print from your laptop using your PaperCut account.

info     go/phonathon

info     go/partner

info     go/phone - VCX Phone User Interface

info     go/partnerscholarship

info     go/phonevideo

info     go/partnerscholarships

info     go/photo - Photo Contest entry form

info     go/password

info     go/photos - Page for alumni to submit photos

info     go/Password-CBT

info     go/pickering

info     go/PasswordCBT

info     go/pictures

info     go/PasswordEd

info     go/PII-CBT

info     go/passwords

info     go/PIICBT

info     go/pathways

info     go/PIIED

info     go/paul

info     go/pinterest - miis pinterest account

info     go/paycheck - Payroll Office website

info     go/playbook - Oratory Games & Game Changers: A Peer Coaching Playbook

info     go/payconex - (JMA) PayConex Payment Gateway

info     go/pledge - Online pledge form

info     go/payeechecklist

info     go/Podcast-3AStressAndEmphasis - A podcast made with Audacity. The podcast was an assignment for a linguistic course.

info     go/payment

info     go/podcasting101

info     go/payroll - Payroll Office website

info     go/poi

info     go/pcambassador - Sign up to chat with Slater Matzke (peace corps student ambassador)

info     go/policies - Student Policies Page

info     go/pcard - Purchasing Card Information

info     go/policy - International Policy Studies program at MIIS

info     go/pcevent

info     go/policy-pci - (jma) PCI Policy

info     go/pcevents

info     go/policycertificates

info     go/pcfellows - Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows

info     go/policyrequirements

info     go/PCI-DSS-CBT

info     go/Politicallyexposed

info     go/PCI-DSS-ED

info     go/pomona

info     go/pcicomplianceteam - (jma) PCI DSS Compliance Team

info     go/popup - CSIL Holiday Pop Up Market 2016

info     go/pcidss - (JMA) PCI DSS site

info     go/portal - Admissions Portal 2014 updated 11/10/14

info     go/pcidsscomplianceteam - (jma) PCI DSS Compliance Team

info     go/portuguese

info     go/pcidsscontract - (jma) PCI DSS Data Privacy and Breach Notifcation Contract Language (PCI)

info     go/postconsult - DLINQ intern post consultation form

info     go/pcidssfaq - (jma) PCI DSS FAQ

info     go/power

info     go/pcidssmdrp - (jma) PCI DSS MDRP Responsibilities

info     go/ppia

info     go/pcidssnewmerchantaccount - (jma) PCI DSS New Merchant Acct/Service Provider Request

info     go/practica - Practica and J-Term courses Previous link was to an analytics campaign: http://www.miis.edu/academics/courses/practica?utm_source=go&utm_medium=print&utm_campaign=Go-Print

info     go/pcidsspolicy - (jma) PCI Policy

info     go/practica2020

info     go/pcidssprojectrequest - PCI Project Request

info     go/practice - Practice instance of INB

info     go/pcidssresources - PCI DSS Resource Page

info     go/practicumstudents

info     go/pcidssserviceprovidermanagement - (jma) PCI DSS Service Provider Management

info     go/predeparture - Pre-departure orientation for international students.

info     go/pcidssteam - (jma) PCI DSS Compliance Team

info     go/predeparturevideo - The Office of International Services along with a group of key staff members hosts a Pre-Departure Orientation session for new incoming international students.

info     go/pcidsstraining - PCI DSS Training & Agreement Page

info     go/prepare - 10 Ways to Prepare for Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management programs at the Middlebury Institute

info     go/PCIED

info     go/presentationzen - Link to a Google Site with resources for a workshop on presenting with multimedia.

info     go/pcifaq - (jma) PCI DSS FAQ

info     go/press - Media and press inquiries

info     go/pciinformationsecuritypolicy - (JMA) PCI WISP (Written Information Security Policy)

info     go/pressreader - PressReader

info     go/pcimdrp - (jma) PCI DSS MDRP Responsibilities

info     go/previewday - Preview days

info     go/pcinewmerchant - (jma) PCI DSS New Merchant Acct/Service Provider Request

info     go/previewdays - Preview days

info     go/pcinewserviceprovider - (jma) PCI DSS New Merchant Acct/Service Provider Request

info     go/previewdayschedule - Preview days

info     go/PCIPolicy - (jma) PCI Policy

info     go/PreviewDaySurvey

info     go/pciprojectrequest - PCI Project Request

info     go/prieto - Podcast of Carlos Prieto lecture/performance at MIIS on September 25, 2009

info     go/pciresources - PCI DSS Resource Page

info     go/print

info     go/pciserviceprovider - (jma) PCI DSS Service Provider Management

info     go/printing - link to miis KB for print FAQs

info     go/pciteam - (jma) PCI DSS Compliance Team

info     go/privacy - Privacy policy

info     go/pcitraining - PCI DSS Training & Agreement Page

info     go/procurement - Accounts Payable and Procurement Office

info     go/PCIWISP - (JMA) PCI WISP (Written Information Security Policy)

info     go/prodevfund - Professional Development Funding Website

info     go/pcmi

info     go/profdev - Professional Development Programs at the Middlebury Institute

info     go/pconline

info     go/professional

info     go/pconlinediscussion

info     go/profile - Go link for google form owned by Molly Lineberger for collecting student profile information for degree flyers.

info     go/pconlinediscussions

info     go/profiling

info     go/pcoption

info     go/profscorse - For Professor Scorse

info     go/pcoptions

info     go/programofinterest

info     go/PCwaiver

info     go/programs - Middlebury Institute Academics

info     go/pcweek15 - Peace Corps Week Google Hangout 2015

info     go/projectensemble - Project Ensemble info

info     go/PDF - Professional Development Funding Website

info     go/projectmanagement

info     go/peace-corps-scholarship - Links to Peace Corps Scholarship page.

info     go/prospect - General ad in the American Prospect Fall 2012

info     go/peacecorps - Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows

info     go/psm

info     go/peacecorpsoption

info     go/ptd - Peace, Trade, and Development Program

info     go/PeaceStudies

info     go/publicpolicy

info     go/peacetrade

info     go/pumpkin - Pumpkin carving sign up Fall 2015

info     go/peking - Partnership page for Peking University

info     go/purchasing - Pre-negotiated contracts

info     go/periodicals - List of MIIS library periodicals, A-Z

info     go/purchasingcard - Purchasing Card Information

info     go/petergrothe

info     go/pvdflickr

info     go/pg

info     go/pw