Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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info     go/ca-leadership - Simulcast link for April 13, 2017 event "California Leadership in the Age of Trump"

info     go/clubspotlight

info     go/cacs

info     go/clubtraining

info     go/cacs18

info     go/clubupdate - Club contact update form

info     go/cacsappt

info     go/clubvideos

info     go/cacscanvas

info     go/cmcf22 - This is the Fall 2022 MIIS CACS Career Management Class Session Recordings

info     go/CACScheckin - Career Launch check-in (can repurpose for other CACS events)

info     go/cmcf23 - The Fall 2023 Career Management Course meeting videos

info     go/cacseventform - CACS Event Request Form

info     go/cmcsp23 - This is the playlist of Spring 2023 CACS Career Management Course sessions

info     go/CACSevents - Zocalo's external events listings

info     go/CMCSpring22 - Spring 2022 Career Management Course videos

info     go/cacsprezi - CACS Critical Path to Career Development

info     go/cnguyen - Discussion 3 of 3: "The Detonation Detectives: Using Technology to Investigate Nuclear and Missile Programs Worldwide," with Jessica Varnum, Deputy Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and Adjunct Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

info     go/cacsprezinovideo

info     go/cns - Center for Nonproliferation Studies

info     go/CACSsurvey - CACS Professional Experience Survey (year round), launching May 2024, hosted in Qualtrics

info     go/cnsinternship - Go link for CNS Summer Internship

info     go/cacsteam - Career Advisor directory

info     go/cnsresearchers - NBC News Features Innovative Work of CNS Researchers

info     go/cafloodupdates

info     go/COD - Go link to COD (Department of Ed) SFS JMA

info     go/CAJ - China Academic Journals

info     go/code - GO's code

info     go/calendar

info     go/coffeechatsspring21 - Opportunity to meet with Vice President Jeff Dayton-Johnson in a smaller group via Zoom to hear updates about the Institute pivoting to a virtual learning environment, discuss key issues facing the Institute, discover how the Institute is making an impact on our local community, and learn about future plan for the Institute. One-hour virtual coffee chats on two different dates are offered for guests to select from: 03/19/21 and 03/31/21.

info     go/calendartips - calendartips for miis

info     go/coffeechatswithvp - Meetings with VP Jeff Dayton-Johnson, hear updates about the Institute, learn about future plans, and discuss key issues facing the Institute.

info     go/calendarupdate

info     go/colab

info     go/call - CALL Specialization

info     go/colabora

info     go/campusmap

info     go/colloquium - GSIPM Colloquium

info     go/campusvisiteval

info     go/ColorMeMIIS - Color Me MIIS event on Wed, September 27, 2023, 1:30pm - 2:30pm at Holland Center Patio.

info     go/canon

info     go/colors

info     go/canvas

info     go/commencement - Commencement Schedule

info     go/canvascanvas

info     go/communications - Communications Department page

info     go/canvaslti - Canvas LTI request for review of app

info     go/communiquesub

info     go/canvastraining - Canvas Training

info     go/community - Community page in viewbook

info     go/career-readiness

info     go/communitycapital - Evertbrite page for Community Capital Speaker Series in Spring 2017

info     go/career-reflections - Google doc of career reflections for MIIS Career Launch presentation.

info     go/communityfund - forum funding info

info     go/careerclass - Pre-course assessment for CM classes

info     go/communityinitiatives - forum funding info

info     go/careerfairorgs - Links to Zocalo's external URL list for registered employers

info     go/communityinterp - Spanish Community Interpretation Certificate Page

info     go/careermanagement

alert     go/communityleader

info     go/careeroutcomes

info     go/comptroller - Controller's Office

info     go/careerpadlet - Padlet to encourage career networking.

info     go/conditional

info     go/careerresources

info     go/conditionaladmission

info     go/careers - Link to the main Careers page on the MIIS website.

info     go/conducir

info     go/CareersByDesign

info     go/conectores

info     go/careerspots - CareerSpots offers a database of informational career advice interviews. Watch to learn more about the job search, interviewing skills, and resume preparation - among others!

info     go/conference - Conference Funding Application and Guidelines

info     go/careteam - CARE team/Management website

info     go/conferencefunding - Professional Development Funding Website

info     go/caroljappt

info     go/conflictransformationfellow

info     go/cash - Cash Management and Accounting

info     go/ConflictResolution

info     go/catcc - (jma) internal telephone donation form.

info     go/ConflictStudies

info     go/CAWildfires

info     go/confluence

info     go/CBappt - Schedule an appointment with enrollment advisor, Coleen Bremner

info     go/connect

info     go/cbe

info     go/consortium - Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium information

info     go/cbe-events

info     go/contact

info     go/cbe-lectures

info     go/ContactChange - Contact Information Change Request

info     go/cbe-save-the-date

info     go/contentgovernance

info     go/cbefellows - CBE Summer Fellowship Program

info     go/contentrequest - Promote MIIS event via marketing and communications or pitch a potential news story

info     go/CCdraft - Curricular change proposal development drafting space

info     go/controller - Controller's Office

info     go/ccform - Curricular change proposal submission form

info     go/conversationpartners

info     go/cchi - Banner ad CCHI

info     go/conversations - eMIISsaries annual signature event

info     go/CCLecture

info     go/conversations17

info     go/CCprocess - Curricular change process

info     go/conversations2015 - Great Conversations 2015

info     go/ccs

info     go/conversations2016 - MIIS Great Conversations 2016

info     go/ccsevents

info     go/conversations2017 - Great Conversations 2017

info     go/CCSlinkedin

info     go/conversations2018 - Great Conversations 2018 Registration

info     go/CCtracking - Curricular change tracking spreadsheet

info     go/conversations2019 - Annual Great Conversations event landing page for 10/23/19.

info     go/ceapartner

info     go/conversiontool

info     go/ceascholarship

info     go/conviction - Go link to Drug Violations Financial Aid policy

info     go/celebration - RSVP form for 11/8/23 event

info     go/convictions - Go link to Drug Violations Financial Aid policy

info     go/centers - Research Centers at Middlebury Institute

info     go/corona

info     go/cfr - Online Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) Form

info     go/coronavirus

info     go/challenge

info     go/costco - Request form for the costco card (students only)

info     go/change - Tagged landing page for Middlebury ad

info     go/council

info     go/changepassword - go/changepassword for MIIS

info     go/counterterrorism

info     go/charlotte

info     go/course-reserves - MIIS Library - Course Reserves Search

info     go/chatwithkatie

info     go/course-schedule - Course schedules online

info     go/check

info     go/coursehub

info     go/check-in

info     go/coursereserves - MIIS Library - Course Reserves Search

info     go/check_in

info     go/courses

info     go/checkin

info     go/courses?201728 - MIIS Spring 2017 Course Schedule

info     go/checkout

info     go/covid-19

info     go/checkrequest - Requirements for submitting check requests, invoices, and vouchers

info     go/covid19

info     go/chinesesilp

info     go/coyote

info     go/chinesetfl - MA in TFL Chinese

info     go/coyotenglish

info     go/chrome - Download page for Google Chrome

info     go/cpauth - Go link to CPAUTH - register device on network by MAC address

info     go/ci

info     go/createpdf - How to Create a PDF from an Image

info     go/cicareers - Careers for Translation and Interpretation

info     go/createprofile - How to Create an Outlook Profile & Add a Mailbox

info     go/cifteachers

info     go/criticallanguage

info     go/CIoverview

info     go/crossculturallunch - Sign up to participate in a cross cultural lunch!

info     go/cip - Community Interpreting as a Professsion

info     go/CRS - Link to Scott Webb's CRS Fellows Dropbox Folder

info     go/cisabroad

info     go/crypto326

info     go/citrixworkspace - Install instructions for Citrix Workspace

info     go/cryptoparty326

info     go/cityyear - City Year Scholarship Page

info     go/csam - Cyber Security awareness Month

info     go/ckni - China Academic Journals

info     go/csc - Link to new CSC scholarship page

info     go/class2017gives - Graduating seniors donating to MIIS as part of challenge

info     go/csil

info     go/classgift19

info     go/csilinfo

info     go/classgiftpickup - Class Gift Pickup

info     go/CSILlaunch - CSIL Launch Eventbrite page

info     go/clearcache - How to clear the cache for a variety of web browsers

info     go/csm - Shortcut for Christian Science Monitor ad

info     go/climatechange

info     go/csuip

info     go/climateoasis331

info     go/CSWDeliverable1

info     go/cloudoverview - Cloud Services Overview & Resources

info     go/CSWSurvey

info     go/clp - Conservation Leadership Praticum

info     go/ctec

info     go/cls - Custom Language Services

info     go/ctecmcgurk - Brett McGurk talk and reception at MIIS on 12/3/19, 6:00PM, Irvine Auditorium.

info     go/cls-icc

info     go/ctfellow

info     go/cls2016 - UTM link to Custom Language Services homepage for middmag ad tracking

info     go/ctfellowapp

info     go/clsleads

info     go/ctfellows

info     go/clspartner

info     go/ctfellowsapp

info     go/club-update - Club contact update form

info     go/ctfellowship

info     go/clubapp

info     go/ctfellowships

info     go/clubapplication

info     go/cuaderno

info     go/clubawards

info     go/cuba2020

info     go/clubcompetition

info     go/cucm - Cisco Call Manager

info     go/clubevent - Club Event Planning Page

info     go/cuestionario

info     go/clubevents - Spring 22 club events

info     go/culturalexpo

info     go/CLUBFAIR - MIIS Club Fair Sign-up

info     go/CurrentInternational

info     go/clubfairlist

info     go/custom

info     go/clubfunds - link to funding request form for clubs

info     go/customgooglemap

info     go/clubguide - MIIS Student Club Policies and Procedures Guide

info     go/cyber - MIIS Cyber Initiative

info     go/clubhandbook - Shortcut to google drive based club leader handbook

info     go/cyberonline

info     go/clubleaders - Spreadsheet that lists current clubs that need leaders to continue running in the fall 2022 semester. The list includes the previous mission statement, positions needed, and a contact person for more information

info     go/cybersecurity

info     go/clublist

info     go/cybersource - JMA CyberSource Payment Gateway

info     go/clubproposal

info     go/CYhangout

info     go/clubrequest

info     go/cysec - Shortcut for the Cyber Security Initiative

info     go/clubs - Student Clubs

info     go/CYwaiver

info     go/clubspotlight