Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies

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info     go/ca-leadership - Simulcast link for April 13, 2017 event "California Leadership in the Age of Trump"

info     go/CLUBFAIR - MIIS Club Fair Sign-up

info     go/cacs

info     go/clubfunds - link to funding request form for clubs

info     go/cacs18

info     go/clubguide - MIIS Student Club Policies and Procedures Guide

info     go/cacsappt

info     go/clubhandbook - Shortcut to google drive based club leader handbook

info     go/cacscanvas

info     go/clubrequest

info     go/cacseventform - CACS Event Request Form

info     go/clubs - Student Clubs

info     go/CACSevents - Zocalo's external events listings

info     go/clubtraining

info     go/cacsprezi - CACS Critical Path to Career Development

info     go/cns - Center for Nonproliferation Studies

info     go/cacsprezinovideo

info     go/cnsinternship - Go link for CNS Summer Internship

info     go/CACSsurvey - 2020 TILM Career Fair evaluations

info     go/cnsresearchers - NBC News Features Innovative Work of CNS Researchers

info     go/cacsteam - Career Advisor directory

info     go/COD - Go link to COD (Department of Ed) SFS JMA

info     go/CAE2019 - Shortlink for 2019 Chinese Adv Entry Testing Portal

info     go/code - GO's code

info     go/CAJ - China Academic Journals

info     go/cohortleaders

info     go/calendar

info     go/colab

info     go/calendartips - calendartips for miis

info     go/colabora

info     go/calendarupdate

info     go/colloquium - GSIPM Colloquium

info     go/call - CALL Specialization

info     go/colors

info     go/campusmap

info     go/commencement - Commencement Schedule

info     go/campusvisiteval

info     go/commencement2015

info     go/camtasia19help - quick link help guides for Camtasia 2019 available in the DLC Lab

info     go/communications - Communications Department page

info     go/canon

info     go/communiquesub

info     go/canvas

info     go/community - Community page in viewbook

info     go/canvascanvas

info     go/communitycapital - Evertbrite page for Community Capital Speaker Series in Spring 2017

info     go/canvaslti - Canvas LTI request for review of app

info     go/communityinterp - Spanish Community Interpretation Certificate Page

info     go/canvastraining - Canvas Training

info     go/comptroller - Controller's Office

info     go/career-readiness

info     go/conditional

info     go/careerclass - Pre-course assessment for CM classes

info     go/conditionaladmission

info     go/careerfairorgs - Links to Zocalo's external URL list for registered employers

info     go/conducir

info     go/careermanagement

info     go/conectores

info     go/careeroutcomes - Career fields entered by MIIS students and alumni.

info     go/conference - Conference Funding Application and Guidelines

info     go/careerresources

info     go/conferencefunding - Professional Development Funding Website

info     go/careers - Link to the main Careers page on the MIIS website.

info     go/ConflictResolution

info     go/CareersByDesign

info     go/ConflictStudies

info     go/careerspots - CareerSpots offers a database of informational career advice interviews. Watch to learn more about the job search, interviewing skills, and resume preparation - among others!

info     go/confluence

info     go/careerswifi - GO link for employers visiting campus

info     go/connect

info     go/caroljappt

info     go/consortium - Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium information

info     go/cash - Cash Management and Accounting

info     go/contact

info     go/catcc - (jma) internal telephone donation form.

info     go/ContactChange - Contact Information Change Request

info     go/CBappt - Schedule an appointment with enrollment advisor, Coleen Bremner

info     go/contactlanguages

info     go/cbe

info     go/contentgovernance

info     go/cbe-events

info     go/controller - Controller's Office

info     go/cbe-lectures

info     go/conversationpartners

info     go/cbe-save-the-date

info     go/conversations - eMIISsaries annual signature event

info     go/cbefellows - CBE Summer Fellowship Program

info     go/conversations17

info     go/CCdraft

info     go/conversations2015 - Great Conversations 2015

info     go/ccform

info     go/conversations2016 - MIIS Great Conversations 2016

info     go/cchi - Banner ad CCHI

info     go/conversations2017 - Great Conversations 2017

info     go/CCLecture

info     go/conversations2018 - Great Conversations 2018 Registration

info     go/CCprocess

info     go/conversations2019 - Annual Great Conversations event landing page for 10/23/19.

info     go/ccs

info     go/converse

info     go/ccsevents

info     go/conversiontool

info     go/CCSlinkedin

info     go/conviction - Go link to Drug Violations Financial Aid policy

info     go/CCtracking

info     go/convictions - Go link to Drug Violations Financial Aid policy

info     go/ceapartner

info     go/corona

info     go/ceascholarship

info     go/coronavirus

info     go/centers - Research Centers at Middlebury Institute

info     go/costco - Request form for the costco card (students only)

info     go/cfr - Online Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) Form

info     go/council

info     go/challenge

info     go/counterterrorism

info     go/change - Tagged landing page for Middlebury ad

info     go/course-schedule - Course schedules online

info     go/changepassword - go/changepassword for MIIS

info     go/coursehub

info     go/charlotte

info     go/courses

info     go/chatwithkatie

info     go/courses?201728 - MIIS Spring 2017 Course Schedule

info     go/check-in

info     go/covid-19

info     go/check_in

info     go/covid19

info     go/checkin

info     go/coyote

info     go/checkrequest - Requirements for submitting check requests, invoices, and vouchers

info     go/coyotenglish

info     go/chinesesilp

info     go/cpauth - Go link to CPAUTH - register device on network by MAC address

info     go/chinesetfl - MA in TFL Chinese

info     go/criticallanguage

info     go/chrome - Download page for Google Chrome

info     go/crossculturallunch - Sign up to participate in a cross cultural lunch!

info     go/ci

info     go/CRS - Link to Scott Webb's CRS Fellows Dropbox Folder

info     go/cicareers - Careers for Translation and Interpretation

info     go/crypto326

info     go/cifteachers

info     go/cryptoparty326

info     go/cifzoom2016

info     go/csam - Cyber Security awareness Month

info     go/CIoverview

info     go/csil

info     go/cip - Community Interpreting as a Professsion

info     go/csilinfo

info     go/cisabroad

info     go/CSILlaunch - CSIL Launch Eventbrite page

info     go/cityyear - City Year Scholarship Page

info     go/csm - Shortcut for Christian Science Monitor ad

info     go/ckni - China Academic Journals

info     go/csuip

info     go/class2017gives - Graduating seniors donating to MIIS as part of challenge

info     go/ctec

info     go/classgift19

info     go/ctecmcgurk - Brett McGurk talk and reception at MIIS on 12/3/19, 6:00PM, Irvine Auditorium.

info     go/climatechange

info     go/cuaderno

info     go/climateoasis331

info     go/cuba2020

info     go/cloudoverview - cloudoverview for miis

info     go/cucm - Cisco Call Manager

info     go/clp - Conservation Leadership Praticum

info     go/cuestionario

info     go/cls - Custom Language Services

info     go/culturalexpo

info     go/cls-icc

info     go/CurrentInternational

info     go/cls2016 - UTM link to Custom Language Services homepage for middmag ad tracking

info     go/custom

info     go/clsleads

info     go/customgooglemap

info     go/clspartner

info     go/cyber - MIIS Cyber Initiative

info     go/club-update - Club contact update form

info     go/cybersecurity

info     go/clubapplication - All clubs must submit a club application in order to be approved as an offical MIIS Club.

info     go/cybersource - JMA CyberSource Payment Gateway

info     go/clubawards

info     go/CYhangout

info     go/clubevent - Club Event Planning Page

info     go/cysec - Shortcut for the Cyber Security Initiative

info     go/CLUBFAIR - MIIS Club Fair Sign-up

info     go/CYwaiver